AVALON NATION UNITS After analyzing every available option and thinking in a way to make millions of people in the world embrace crypto currencies, we have developed a comprehensive integral product AVALON NATION.

The success of every new technology is engagement. The more people use that new technology, the more successful it is. There is always a perfect time to do something amazing and right now crypto currencies are a huge success, changing the world in more than just the financial aspect. There are many virtual nations, all with a common thing. They have and give the feeling of belonging to their virtual citizens who are active members of their nation society.

Until today the concept of Nation has either been attached to a political organized nationality, a community of people composed of one or more nationalities that possess a more or less defined territory and government; or it´s also attached to a Virtual community, which is a group of individuals that come together on the world wide web with the same interests or goals, whose existence is confined to a computer network.

All of these definitions are about to change dramatically. Imagine Facebook with a common place, real ground, a piece of land in which they live on, to protect and save. For the first time in more than 2000 years a Nation will merge with a virtual nation which will attract all races, nationalities, beliefs, religions, corporations, interests, and more. All with the same goal, to protect and save the earth, to promote life around crypto currencies and free from the chains of governments and banking institutions and to live a comfortable financial life. This is Avalon Life Crypto City, with a real life location, with real boundaries and a real community.

Not virtual, because it exists in a real life aspect of life, neither only a Nation, because everything in it, moves around a virtual currency. It is the crypto capital of the world located in one of the most prestigious and diverse places in the world.

Our ¨Digital Citizens¨, as referred by Francesco Rulli, are part of a new society dedicated to the personal pursuit of excellence, everybody is valued for what they create, their values and their engagements.

This is an open Nation for the whole world to express themself and live the life the way we all deserve. It’s a city where everything is sustainable and everything can only be paid in crypto currencies.

Nestled in 1,040 ha. of nature in the Papagayo Gulf on the North Pacific side of Costa Rica, and surrounded by high end developments, five stars hotels, golf courses, marinas, polo fields, beaches, private hospitals and services. This city is inspired by high end boutique resorts and nature friendly developments from around the world.

Capital of

Ruled by Costa Rican
law but with its own
Bylaws, governed by
the community

Every transaction
can be done in crypto

Develop in
Develop in1,040