Crypto currencies are digital units of value that are used by people in exchange for goods and services.
Since the beginning of time society has been successfully creating abstract notion of value, currency backed by nothing.


Since 1971, contrary to what the majority of people think, money is not backed by gold, because it limits the power of banks. Banks and financial institutions make trillions of dollars a year on money they lend and

transaction fees with money they don’t actually have.

Since the invention of crypto currencies in the late 2000’s, and especially the appearance of Bitcoins, things have changed dramatically.

The world is understanding the reality about currencies and is adopting new ways of payment that are more secure, more inexpensive, more easy to use and trendier.

With the help of entrepreneurs, disrupters, white hackers, libertarians, free spirits, businessmen, geeks and developers, crypto currencies have become viral and the highest growing method of payment to date.

Remove a Dollar or an Euro form your wallet and ask yourself what is it worth? It’s a piece of paper, it isn’t a car, a table, or a piece of real estate. It’s nothing more than a contract between two parties. The value of the dollar is not on the bank accepting it, it’s on the society’s willingness to accept it to settle a debt. It has no intrinsic value.

Bitcoins, Ethereum, Puras, and Dash, are just a few examples of digital  currencies being used today that are changing the financial sector.The trend  has already started, the world economy is changing and nothing is going to stop it.

Now is the time to join cryptoneurs and companies like Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Ebay, PayPal, Peter Thiel, Roger Ver, Sean Parker and others.


We have reviewed hundreds of documents, blogs, articles, news, interviews, and lectures. Read books, attended conferences, talked to cryptoneurs, and coin developers, and after all of that we have come up with and amazing combination. The perfect product with the perfect marketing strategy, a revolutionary place that will disrupt the market…
We analyzed the good and the bad of coins like Bitcoin, Circule, Ripple, Ethereum, Caribcoin, Next Coin, Mastercoin, XRP, Dash and others. We have reached Block Chain 2.0 incubators, platforms, exchange services, mining companies, VCs, hedge funds and accelerators, and we understand better than anybody the benefits and limitations of every coin available and in the development process. Based on that and combining an amazing product with an amazing marketing strategy we are developing AVALON NATION CRYPTO CITY.


There is always a time in life for everything. It is as bad to start a business late, as it is to do it too early. Hundreds of companies have been late for a specific trend, technology or movement, and also hundreds have been too early for it, and all have had the same faith; they have failed. It is hard to recognize a perfect idea at the perfect time. Pioneers in any business spend millions of dollars in R & D, only to be crush by a later company.


In this case the Crypto currency wave it’s at the perfect time, it’s mature enough to understand that it is definitely the future of payments and currencies, but early enough to get the amazing benefits of coming out at the right time. It already has millions of followers and companies that understand the pros and cons of all the different currencies, finding out that something else was needed. Something that would make a crypto currency perfect, something that would make the crypto currency explode and disrupt the world at the same time.


The idea of Avalon Life Crypto City, didn’t come from one day to another. This amazing project, its innovation on the market, the selection of the amenities, the division of its sections, its diverse amenities and its unique concept, have been built up and developed for more than eight years. But it wasn’t until now that all the ideal factors have aligned themselves.

The change in the economy of the last eight years.
The strong crypto currency market.
The acceptance of the crypto initiatives around the world.
The increase in the world’s middle class.
The new investments of the Chinese and other Asian citizens.
The migration of people from European countries.
The full recovery of the world real estate market, being now better than in 2007.
The highly appreciating real estate in Guanacaste.
The mentality of the new generation, especially Millennials.

The low interest rates, even negative in some countries.
The great international promotion of Costa Rica.
The huge amount of affluent individual are buying in Costa Rica, dragging with them the aspirational middle class.
The possibility of developer finance.
The new marketing capabilities and the technology brought.
The experience of our staff.
The opportunity we have to purchase the property at under market value.

All of this and other aspects makes NOW the perfect time to start
Avalon Crypto City.
Aspects to understand:
Founders Wall (Main entrance)
Crypto road (Hands in roads)
Foundation forest (1 tree per person)
Time Capsule Park
All Organic
Barter system
All Crypto from acquiring of land to all HOA´s and fees
Free education with new wave system (entrepreneurs)
Creation of thousands of jobs
App (Residence)